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I would like the patients of my clinic, answering their friends on the phone to the question “Where are you?”, Saying: “On the Petrograd side.”

Space is such an important category for me that, having made the decision to create a clinic, I have been looking for my place for five years. At first I listened to myself for a long time and then for three years almost every day I was looking for a home for my team of doctors and for our patients.

I knew that it would be good for me only on Petrogradskaya. Why? It is difficult to formulate – there is a special atmosphere here, a special architectural language, as if the genius of the place lives here.

My first acquaintance with St. Petersburg happened twenty years ago – then I came on vacation, walked along Nevsky Prospekt, along the solemn central streets and lost lanes and immediately realized that I must live here. Where does this instant recognition of one’s own – a person who will become a close friend, a city that will become a family? In my case, I think the feeling of the roots played an important role. My grandmother belonged to the Beloselsky-Belozersky family, and this inevitably affects my perception of myself and the world.

But the path to the dream is never easy – after three years of searching, I almost despaired. Inside myself, I called out to someone: “Please! I really need Petrogradka, a park, am I really asking so much? ” And it seems that the genius of the place was convinced that I was not an accidental person, that I had conceived a deed worthy of the Petrograd side! And he helped me: that night I could not sleep, I was sitting in front of the computer and leafing through real estate ads (my usual job) and suddenly I saw what I had dreamed of for so long: Kamennoostrovsky Prospect, Anikushinsky Square, 56/2.

Could I believe that this address is still free? Not. And still she called, ready to be refused. Here I can’t help but mention another hero of this story: Natalya Mityanina, real estate agent (Vyacheslav Malafeev’s agency M16)

and a sorceress who did everything possible and impossible for me to get the premises for rent. I am grateful to her that she believed in my dream with me. I described to her the pictures that I saw in my imagination: panoramic windows, patients who admire the beautiful view, the greenery of the park trees, which turns the center of a multi-million dollar metropolis into a cozy corner of nature, an open space that provokes people to open communication and … the dream has come true!

Continuing the open space theme, we made the walls of two offices transparent. When a visitor sits in the lobby, he sees how we prepare the office for the reception, how we process the instruments. If the patient in the chair does not mind, you can also observe the treatment process and see that it is not painful or scary. The idea turned out to be successful: our patients say that when there is no traditional box of white walls, they feel freer and calmer. And yet it is very beautiful. Our “starry sky”, reflected in the glass, shines brighter.

For the educational process of the “Club of Orthodontists” transparent walls are also of great importance – teachers get the opportunity to conduct master classes in the most convenient (European) format.